Orjinal game copy?



ı have an orjinal game cd.and ı copy it with nero exp…and nero says burn is finished succuesfully but the game didn t work.why.
which recording software can ı use for copy protected game cd


Could help if you tell us your game and a bit about your System’s specs.


xp,p4 2.53,64mb geforce4,512mb ddr ram,40gb hdd,gigabyte motherboard,52x asus cd rom,32x10x40 lg cd rw …


Use Alcohol 120%.


Nero is a great burner, but offers almos nothing in the way of bypassing copy protection. CDClone and Alcohol120% (as cyberwhiz suggested above) have profiles specifically for backing up protected cd’s…:slight_smile:

dload the 30 trial of alcohol120%, see how your luck runs then…if all good, spend the money and help thos guys out…buy the program…:slight_smile:

while your at it…handy utility that is freeware…http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/portal.php


ı downloaded alcohol 120
ı want to copy protected game cd
which option i must select

protected cd
laserlock …???


Scan the CD with ARay Scanner. This will tell you the copy protection. Then use the same profile.


ı installed it and scanned
it says

securom old signs found
sector scan:no protection detected


Ahh. Good Ol’ SecuROM Old. Uses Subchannels. Use the “Securom” Datatype and you’lb be on your way.:slight_smile:

Goond Luck!


alcohol has securom-securom new-securom new4x5x
which one


As I said, the “Securom” one. Not New, not 4.x, 5.x.:slight_smile:


ok ok ok .dont angry with me


Angry, where did you get angry from?


thnks for helping.


If you want to verify that it is reading correctly, have a look in the read screen and see if it says RAW SUB-96. This means that it is reading in RAW and reading 96 bytes of Subchannel Data.:slight_smile:

Good Luck!


where can i get ARay Scanner to see what copy protection for spiderman 2




Good Luck!

(P.S my copy of Spiderman 2 is SafeDisc 3.20.022 protected:))



thank you for your help :)))