Orignal Xbox not working



Hello i know i’m a “newb” here but please take it easy on me :)…I’ve serched this site and found many helpful hints but now i am stuck… i got an xbox from a friend of mine. It was soft modded. He wanted to play xbox live so he went to change the evox dash back to the msdash i belive its called… anyway he said he either mis spelled it or for some reason msdash was empty…Any way now when you turn the xbox on it start then says error number 15 on the left side which is something to do with the harddrive from what i’ve gathered anyway i looked around on here and i’ve seen that i should download auto installer which which i did…version Auto.Installer.Deluxe.v3.10.Xbox-Hq…I saw that i should convert it to and .iso and then burn it to a dvd-r but when i extract it useing winrar there is allready a .iso file the .iso file is also called Auto.Installer.Deluxe.v3.10.Xbox-Hq it is 510,784mb there are also ALOT of other files in the Auto.Installer.Deluxe folder along with the .iso what do i do with these…i’ve tried to burn it to a dvd-r but it will only let me burn it to a cd and when i put it in the xbox it wont read… ANY help…PLEASE lol sorry to bug you guys but i know when i need help and i need help…thanks guys
ALSO my xbox WILL NOT boot ANY games no matter orignal or not…
this is a screen shot of the folder…thanks again


Well if u cant boot any games retail or backed up theres only one way to go, take out the hard drive and hook it up to your pc. Your mate who modded it should have [B]backed up the eprom![/B] if he didn’t well its as good as a brick u might get lucky and be able to leave it in the xbox boot it up and for a split second it comes unlocked unplug the ide cable then u can fix it via your pc but the timing is annoying with that I’ve never had to do it that way cuz I like to back up my eprom =)