Original Xbox - doesn't play games

Hi - we have an original Xbox and quite a few games. I want to clean it up to give to a local charity but when I tested it yesterday the games won’t load. I suspect that it is probably really dusty inside and the lens and spindle might need cleaning.
We had a few major dust storms last year and many of our electrical items have had to be cleaned. Problem with the Xbox though - have located the screws on the bottom of the box, but none of our screwdrivers seem to fit. I think we might need a screwdriver/s called Torx??
Can anyone help with this? If we do need Torx screwdrivers, are they easy to buy? Are there alternatives?
I already have isopropyl alcohol and cotton buds for the cleaning, but would be good to have a step-by-step process for getting the thing apart.
Many thanks - in anticipation!

You can get the torx screwdrivers at any place that sells hand tools, also all you should have to do is blow it out with a can of compressed air

You need this kind of torx (T20) to open up the xbox 1:

As far as i know there are six or four screws to unscrew, all at the sides of the underside of the xbox and under the warranty stickers.

Do NOT use anything other than distilled water to clean a lens and use very little.