Original Viper Gamecube chip install not working - help needed

Installed it today. The yellow wire was only, like 2cm long.

Had to remove heatsink to get it in, replaced but didn’t reapply the paste as the paste on there was sticky and gooey anyway so should have re-adhered easily enough.

I have yet to buy a parallel port cable but that’s not the problem. I booted up the GC to see if I got anything at all - I believe I should have a prompt on the screen? The Cube turns on but nothing comes on screen, and the power light flashes for half a second before going off. Does anyone know what this could be?

I’m a bit desperate here!

You have more problems than anyone i have seen here


Anyway, I double-checked the wires. Everything was firmly soldered on to the right points. HOWEVER…

On the board - which is an A or B revision, the area where the black wire is meant to be soldered was already soldered into a reverse L-shape like the revision C picture (both are below). Should I be using the iron to remove the solder from my board to separate the reverse L shape so that it appears as in the A&B picture, and not the C picture? It is definitely an A/B board, as the chip for the yellow wire is in that exact place, and the rest of the board is identical too.