Original NEC 2510A [Release 04-05-04] ~~new

I got it new NEC 2510A TODAY !!! it is the latest ~~ [Release 04-05-04]

Don’t Click VIRUS!!! :smiley:

when will Herrie release his version of this ?

Herrie release new firmware , but is it same with mine ???
original firmware.


I converted the official NEC 2510 2.15 into NEC 2500A firmware, made it flashable in Windows, removed rip-lock, made it RPC1 No media hacks applied yet!

Windows: http://herrie.rpc1.org/downloads/2510215.rar
DOS: http://herrie.rpc1.org/downloads/2510215d.rar

The DOS version should also work on the 2100!

looks like he’s removed the rip lock and changed the region to rpc1.

Wow…GREAT!!! Looks like Herrie got some work to do :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting the firmware. Would I be able to flash back to 2500A FW after upgrading to NEC2.15??

EDIT: Looks like my question is answered above; while I was typing :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully, he will have the media hacks in soon. Has the burns gotten better with this firmware ?

herrie said a few days ago he was going to do the hacks to 2.15 i want to test it before and after so I am pleased that now I can have the unhacked version to test first.

my thanks to yangxi for his post and his help in getting me the unhacked f/w copy.


C’mon Herrie, now it is your turn :smiley: :bow:

Ok, here it is !! :slight_smile: I will test it and report if the buffer underrun bug is still present ! :slight_smile:

problem: Nforce2 , P4 AMD Via chipset ( buffer underrun bug is still present ! )

I try tune friend pc , now no problem at all ~~

  • Nforce2 = find new Version: 4.24 Release Date: May 10, 2004

  • Via chipset = install new VIA Hyperion drivers v4.51

  • ASPI Layer 4.72

  • NERO

  • Tweaknow RAM IDLE

Something i have yet to see happen despite using every firmware Herrie has ever released.

Ok, you’re right ! Again, the bug is present…I switched back to 1.07 from Nec…In fact, I’m annoyed because I can’t figure out why these firmwares make the drive react like this !

Yeah, annoyed is the right word. There is absolutely no justification for such an annoying bug. The previous versions were okay, so why the hell didn’t they take the “buffer underrun part” from one of the older firmwares? Really bad…

No mate I am not right, I was simply stating this has never happened to me, it doesn’t make me right.

My drive is produce in MAY 04 ( no retail , from factory ) . No problem !! Only thing is NO BITSETTING .

I think you’ll drive may problem when flash 2500a -> 2510a .

Does it possible upgrade new hardware in NEC 2510A ??

Loool ! I’m sorry, I read too fast ! :wink:
So maybe it’s a bug with Nero…I’m waiting the next version to test again !

wrong typing !!! :cool:

Original firmware NEC 2510a 2.15 !!!



Original firmware NEC 2510a 2.21 !!!

the link you posted is to 2.15 , is there 2.21???

Another new one perhaps?