Original homemade dvd copy + css

Here is the thing:

I have made a film which I want to distribute with copy protection.

It is simpel enough to copy the film from the authoring software with the protection, but once the project is flushed out the software cannot recognize it´s own product.
Software used: Pinnacle Liquid, also to mastering the DVD.

Now some time passes and the entire project has been flushed out of the computer.

The first batch has been destributed and I need to make new 100 copies.

Which software allows me to duplicate my own film with css ( copyprotection ) ?

Is there any body doing what I am doing ?

I am aware of Glassmasters and pro copy services. This is not an issue. I want to be able to do this myself. :iagree: :disagree: :iagree:

Kind regards…

Out of context:
My preferred copy software is Discjuggler, which has been set up to run with two burners: Nec 3520 + Nec 3550.

You should have saved your project before the copyprotection.
Now you have to rip your own movie, but at least you’ve a big advantage - you don’t risk to be sued as a pirate by your goodself (or do you?).

Try this program.


This program will help you. :slight_smile:

I just might :wink:

gvzfs’ problem seems to be the other way around - he sems to have got the stuff protected and wants to take that off.

Is this where I want to be?
I tampered with the settings in DVDDecrypter ending with useless rips and faulty burn copies.

I want to be able to do the disc 1:1 straight.

Hello again.

The link is dead, if you already have the software can you then send it to me ?

Zanxxxx .-)

“To get the password contact the author at the address: lipparelli@libero.it.”

Why so?

Did you check your email?

Yes, I did.
Have you tried this?
How does it perform?
Most software I have found to do just this trick have all been faulty. Producing rubbish DVDs.

I am surprized that there are so few how have this problem at heart.
Surely there must also be so film ethusiast out there who are doing it all them selves.

Is it too much to ask if you got a manual somewhere?

There is a help file in the program. Switch the help file to english.

There is an easy option in the program called “A fake autorun” that will eject the DVD as soon as it detects it in the PC DVD player. One problem is that anyDVD can gets around the protection. It’s an awesome program.

DVD COPY PROTECTOR (beta) is a little program made to test possible protection schemes
applicable on DVD-VIDEO, and to check their behavior on home-players.

VERSION 1.00 Beta


>Corrupt ISO:
This option corrupts an ISO DVD image prior to burn it.I suggest to apply only one
level(of two available) and check results on home-player, before apply even other level.

>ISO Maker:
This option creates an ISO DVD image, from a valid VIDEO_TS folder on HDD, to burn it
with other software.

>Backup\Replace ISO Info:
This option backups the initial part of an ISO DVD image in a file with *.bk extension:
to be restored in future, if you need it.


Adds an amount of megabytes to the selected IFO/BUP file.

>Encrypt …IFO\BUP Not used:
Encrypts/decrypts not used IFO/BUP files. I suggest to use this option only with IFO/BUP
successives to those used. Don’t encrypt the main VIDEO_TS.IFO.

>Corrupt IFO\BUP:
Corrupts VIDEO_TS.IFO/BUP and VTS_**_0.IFO/BUP applying up to 3 corruption levels
each one.

>SPRMs Check Creator:
This option makes a status check of 3 system parameters: preferred menu, preferred audio
and preferred subtitles. The routine will check that a specific language is set on the
home-player, to allow playback. Five languages are available.

It’s only a joke. Creates a DCP1.EXE file along with an AUTORUN.INF; putting these
files in the root of a DVD (out of AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders) will cause the
DVD player (on PC with autorun active) to eject the disc soon after insertion!!!
Nothing more… by now!!!

>>>PHISICAL DAMAGE (Caliper calculator):
Given previous LBAs or megabytes, is possible to calculate the area to be
(eventually) scratched using a compass. Calculation is up to 2000 MB.


>Add or Cut Mb to VOB:
Adds or Cuts an amount of megabytes to the selected VOB file.

>Dummy Vob Maker:
Creates a user defined size empty VOB.

>LBA Vob Corruptor:
Corrupts one or more LBAs, ranging in the form of LBA to LBA or MB to MB, of a VOB file.

Self explanatory. No claims… DVD player!!!

All functions are EXPERIMENTAL… greets by Junior73!!!

“homemade” dvds + CSS…