Original FPS Setting?



I’m just tested the new ‘keep original FPS’ setting but how do I know its working? When I click into the conversion settings theres no indication that its using the original FPS and its telling me its actually using 23.976fps.


I haven’t tried it yet, but that doesn’t sound right based on the way Ting said it would work. Will try it tonight.



23.976fps is your source fps, DVDFab will auto select your source fps as output but will not add the option “Fps as source” in the select combox.



Somethings not right with it - I added a DVD which set the FPS to 25. Then I went back and added a different DVD (NTSC) and the FPS stops at 25 - it doesn’t appear to update properly.



This version have a little problem, when you select “keep original FPS” setting, maybe the setting not be real recorded, so when new Disc is insert, by the second logic, output will use the fps which is the same as the last set.

which problem will be fixed in next version.