Original Firmware NEC ND-5100A (Help Please)

Hi all

I’m new here and I think I mess up my drive. (or maybe not)

The thing is that I received my new HP Pavilion zx5170ea with a NEC ND-5100A.

Well I flash the drive with the 5100A@5500A firmware ( http://tdb.rpc1.org/#ND5100A
) without test it first and I didn’t done a backup too. (This was a big mistake)

Now my drive burn DVD+R and DVD-R perfectly but it fails to read some DVD-R recorded discs. (???) I can read these discs in other systems without any problems.

It can’t even read the –R discs it writes.

It start to read those but it ends with “read error” always at the same faze of the disc reading. But the sector where the error occurs changes from disc to disc.

Is it a hardware error? Is just the drive that is too sensitive? Is it the firmware? If so where can I find the original firmware that comes with the drive of this HP model? If someone have that firmware plese PM for my email.

Please help me. I’ll appreciate that very much.

Thanks in advance

TheDangerousBrothers have an original 5100 firmware on their site:

The drive does the same with that firmware too.

I’m thinking that maybe it’s an hardware problem… :confused:

I have mine flash into the 5500a with the 1.51 dangerous brother FW. Mine is reading and writing flawlessly with the ritek DVD-R g04 media(I’m almost done using up my 50 disc). I think it’s certain media that don’t play right with that burner. Good luck.

I don’t think so.
I already tried several different media types.

And now, is giving me error reading +R too, more: Now it burns at 2.4X only.

I’m in need of the original firmware to try the replacement of the drive by HP.


Sorry if I did not explain my self clearly. Now I’m using “Original Stock Firmware Binary ND-5100A 10AC” and I have the same problems.

I’m very sorry.

It looks like I didn’t understand your posts correctly.

The version of the firmware that was gave me the same problems as the 5100@5500 one was the 1.30.

Now I’ve I flashed my drive with the 10AC firmware and now it reads the -R format perfectly but it only record (+R of course) at 2.4x with all media!

What a mess I’ve done.

HP says that didn’t have any firmware for this drive and NEC says that only HP can give support to it.

Once again sorry for my bad English and miss understood.

Thank you all.

Requesting original firmware is always context sensitive, ie what did you start off with.

We have 1.30 here somewhere, please email us and we’ll get you a copy.

Brother Vlad

I’m glad to report that my drive is, now, working at 100%, thanks to the DangerousBros! :bow: :bow: :bow:

The correct firmware version seems to be the 1.22 that the Bros put at is site. :slight_smile:

Once again: many thanks to all.

JPinto, you are lucky, because your problem has found solution.
I have the same device (NEC DVD+RW ND-5100A) but in Fujitsu-Siemens laptop. I flashed 1.12 Fujitsu-Siemens TDB Windows Flasher from http://tdb.rpc1.org/#ND5100A, and now i cannot return to previous normal condition.


If anyone can help, i’ll appreciate it.

Thank you.