Original Firmware Lite On SSM-8515S

Hello all. I have a Lite On SSM-8515S dvd rw burner that is currently installed with a solid green light. I used the Flash Utility, GS08fix.exe, and GS09, and EEPROM to flash this drive to Lite On. I read in a post it was used to ensure capability with IDE drives.

Yet I have a SATA hard drive, and an IDE burner. This burner was originally a Philips SPD8005BM/ 17. When I first installed it, it was a DVD Rom and a CDRW even though it was supposed to be a burner. Now that I have updated to Lite On- it no longer even reads DVDs.

Thanks to a forum member, I now have on a flash drive, new copies of the Flash Utility, GS08fix.exe, GS09, EEPROM, and the original Philips .bin file for the burner.

I read about OmniPatcher, but do not want to make a mistake again. How do I make the bin file attribute the Lite On burner back to Philips OR make the Lite On burner work as it should?

Maybe a MOD can transfer this to the correct burner forum

What is the correct forum for this?

I am halfway thru recovery. Now the drive is recognized as a Philips in Device Manager, and once I wrote the flash Nero Essentials 7 installed (stripped to Back it Up, Smart Start, Scout, Search, and the Tools.)

It will not yet read dvds- if the CD/DVD speed can configure it, I will try both. on Rs and RWs. Nero required a reboot, so I am supposed to run GS08fix.exe, GS09, then reflash how I got to Philips in the first place.

I will try tweaking Nero a little, to set the drive speeds. But if all I have is a CD-RW I will stop here for now.

[quote=wiz40;2080931]What is the correct forum for this?

The correct forum for this is {CD and DVD Burners}. You will get the help needed in that section of cdfreaks. Hopefully you get it fixed EDIT: the firmware section also would be better.