Original DVD's will not load in external HP dvd840e burner

I’ve been having this problem for quite some time now. My external HP DVD840e will not load original copy protected dvd’s. The drive tries to read the disc for a minute or so then stops, but when I try to access the disc or play it I get an error message saying that their is no disc in the drive. Under the drive properties it has “0” set for the region code. I’ve tried to change it back to region “1” with out any success. My internal dvd drive will load dvd’s with out any problems since its location region code is set to “1”. See attached screen shots for more details and error msg. Thanks for any help on this issue.

its not quite clear , are you saying it doesnt read original dvds only or that it doesnt read any dvds? (including burned ones)

The drive doesnt play original dvd’s. It plays burned dvd’s and cd’s.

i c , i guess the laser is dirty or starting to fail , might wanna try cleanning the drive with canned air…


The location information in the properties tab doesn’t have anything to do with the region settings. Here the information, where the drive is connected to, is displayed.


Probably starting to fail, I’ve burned over 500 DVD’s with this burner…

cleanning might still work , it did for a friend of mine who had the same issue