Original DVD stolen.what to do?

harrr! that sucks.

all my original DVD have been stolen in my car.(300 DVD),
by chance I did a copy(backup), but i do not have any proof of purchase (was in the DVD original box).

How can I prove that my DVD are legal copyright.
what will i say to a custom officer that my DVD are legal? :confused:

Have you reported this theft to the correct authorities?

Er… just 1 Q why did you have 300 DVDs in your car :confused:


Maybe to play on his car dvd player or maybe he was moving them somewhere…
Or he is maybe after the insurance :wink:

the guy who stole my DVD is me.
it is just to cover my butt for the copies I did from the blockbuster.

I have an idea, why dont you just tell him the truth like you did for us…its probably the only thing they would believe.

Making copies of things you do not own is considered piracy.

Thread Closed…