Original DVD quality matter when burning a backup?

Hi, I can’t believe this. Regardless of the quality, or how beat up my DVD is when I rip it, it is just 1’s and 0’s right? Is it possible for a beat up original DVD to result in bad burns? I am having extremely inconsistent burns. I swear I can use one ripped file, and burn with three different media, and have all poor burns (some still better than others). Then use a different file, and get good to excellent results from all media. Sounds crazy to me, but I can not find any other common factor in my bad burns.

In general: no.

Bad burning results usually are due to bad media or to a not perfectly tuned computer.

If you burn taiyo discs with a burner running in PIO mode and with a HD heavily fragmented whereas you are encoding a mpeg file, then you’ll have bad results also if you are using the best media available.

What burner do you have? and what media do you use?

I have some old Ridata branded 4x ricoh media, and some new Taiyo 8x. Also some new verbatim 16x +R which is the worst of the bunch on my burner.

The burner is a DigitalMax, a rebranded LiteOn with original firmware. I hope to do a firmware upgrade to the most recent LiteOn this weekend.

The drive that has my files probably does need defragging. I do that once every month or two, but have been moving and deleting alot as I am running out of space, so I’m sure it could use it.

The weird thing is the inconsistency. I have a ripped file on the drive right now that seems to be giving me poor burns regardless of media. That said, the old ricoh always, in ever case, burns better than anything else I have on my burner.
A different ripped file seems to give good results regardless of media.


if your firmware is as old as you say it is, i HIGHLY recommend updated ASAP!

that will probably solve most of your problems. also, try burning the 16x verbs at 8x. (they don’t burn well at 16x on my benq, but are beautiful at a slower speed)

all in all it sounds like your media choice are fine. TY and verbs are generally the most reccommended and older ricoh is also highly regarded afaik as long as it’s been stored correctly…

when you purchase new media i’d stick to the TYs especially if you get less than satisfactory results with your verbs.