Original Diablo CD - diabdat.mpq issues

Hey gang!
PC gamer here, I normally play games like Everquest…but when it’s patch day I slide back to the original Starcraft and play on my home network w/ my wife. I recently uncovered my old Diablo (1) CD’s, and tried to install them onto Win XP. I got the start up screen and then the Install and Play screen, then it went to black and told me to Install my CD into the D drive. It WAS in the D drive (cd rom drive). Finally I had to click cancel. I got an error that said diabdat.mpq could not be opened. As I understand it, .mpq files are for video and sound correct?
I tried copying the CD to my C drive…same message, please place the Diablo CD into the D: drive, then the error about the diabdat.mpq file.
I bought the CD, didn’t burn it. Any ideas why I can’t get it to open the .mpq? I did try all combinations of Windows Compatibility to no avail.
I’d love to play this game again (been 5 years?) anyone help me out?
Oh yeah I tried creating a C:\diablo folder and placing the latest patch from Blizzard in it…still a no go.
Any help is appreciated!

Clean the drive and clean the disc.