Original CD can not be verified-using CloanCD



I am trying to make back up copies of my game and everything seems fine until i try to play the copy and i get the message- original cd can not be verified. This happens with all the my games. Is CloanCD not able to copy games to use? I have wasted MANY cds trying. Please help.


Generally it mean that you ahve made a bad copy of the disk.

Try scannning the disk with ProtectionID and see what copy protection is in use.
Also what is the make and model of your burner
and fianlly waht disks are you using.


it is a new HP Computer with a dvd/cd burner. i am using Memorex cd-r. they are new game disks.


Is ProtectionID a program?


^ Yes.


frustrated111 -

Perhaps it would be prudent for you to visit CD Freaks CD Copy Protection Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=80) and review the Copy Protection Tutorials located there.

Also it should be noted that Memorex Media is not the best quality Media for you to be using.