Original Cd And Cd Copy Car Cd Player

I have a question for you guy !
I have a car and the cd player is original ,
wen I put a cd copy in the player they reject it and he say error !
But if I put a original cd is playing
Did I can play a copy cd in my car ?:eek:

Because a orginal cd is a copy too so what the difference with a real copy ?

thx guy :bow:

Let me see if I can understand.

When you put a copied CD into your car it gets rejected with an “Error” message.

But the real CD, which is a copy, does work. Probably caused by something going wrong in the burning process. Try to burn it again. If that does not work, well my friend, buy the original and make a copy out of that.

I agree with £cyberwiz£ but this could also be caused by burning at to fast a speed try 4x or and this is I think your problem in car cd players are very picky about which CD-r’s that they play only use good media or ones recommended by the car cd player.
What media are you using?
Try using the same media as the first working copy.

But I try and try again with lot of cd burner and they dont work
I think my cd player in my car detect write cd !

The original cd is a copy BUT it was never burnt they are stamped. Some cd players just don’t play burnt cd’s because they can’t read the burnt “format”.

Tell me the model of the cd player and I’ll tell you if it can read burnt cd’s.