Original 812s files needed

Could anyone who has extracted the original bin files for an 812s please send them to me .
I have problems with my 812 and i think back to basic is the way to go.
No i did not saved them myself i was new to flashing and did not know how important they would be.
Thanks to anyone who can help.





thanks dhc i have tried those files but i still have problem’s.

thanks dave i have tried those files but i still have the same problem.

Are you talking about the eeprom bin file?

My understanding is that my eeprom bin file would not necessarily be good for your 812s.

Maybe you shouldn’t expect a firmware update to fix your problem then. Have you considered that you might be using bad media for the drive?

I have been using princo for the last year and had no problem and no coasters till i started flashing with omnipatcher (coaster after coaster) and two rewrites disk coasters (opodisk001), had no problems with the speedhacker before then could burn princo -r4x at 8x.
I know you say princo is bad media, as i said before only had problems and coasters after using omnipatcher.
I can still burn at 4x.
don’t 812 all use the same eeprom or do they use a different eeprom for each unit!

The EEPROM contains unique calibration data, so it is different for every unit. You have a media problem and are only wasting your time by trying to modify your drive to burn to crappy media.

Yes there is a problem with using omni patcher with write strategy swapping… The drive stores some info on burn quality on the last few media… Which are just pointers to the table not the media code… When you swap them, It still uses some of the old data with some of the new and screws up… But it should improve with each burn???

maybe we can get some brand new Liteon drives which has not burnt any media to find out this area and zero out this area first before flashing an omni patched write swapped data. This should reset the drive to use the strat form scratch rather than mixing them up and screwing up the disk. I like princo media, It has worked much better than sony, lg, samsung, imation and other media I have used which cost an arm and a leg. Ritek?? Ridata?? Yudan?? sounds like a desease and we dont have them here.

Thanks ampike its nice to know someone esle likes princo i find them very good media, and the info on omnipatcher is interesting, i do not have any patches on my 812 because it will not burn with a patch, so it looks like i will have to be satisfied burning at 4x.
Once again i would like to thank everyone for their input.

I was in prison for the last 5 years so I missed out on this princo thing. Dont know whats going on but I think it might have to do with over clocking and geeks… They can over clock other media but not this so they bad mouth it. Especially when a lot of Normal people seems to use that particular media they take a disliking to it. Given a choice IE same price between media’s I woudnt touch it… But for 25% of the price… yea I like it.

Of course if someone is willing to MAIL me some good media I would like to use those zippy zappy great media everyone’s tlaking about :slight_smile: Payment would be hard but doable… How many disks can I get for this rackoon hide?

The thing was i did overclock princo, burning -r 4X at 8x but that was with speedhack 100% sucess every burn.
Overclocking with omnipatcher cannot even burn one disc can only burn 100% coasters.