Original 411s EEPROM Needed

Original 411S EEPROM Needed
Stupidly I deleted my original after I patched to the 811s. Please if you could send it to no it would be GREATLY appreciated.

Mod go fuck yourself.

just a thought - double posting, ignoring rules and disrespecting mods won’t really get u anywhere. more productive to be nice to em and hopefully they’ll try and pass on ur message to someone via pm. hope someone helps u out with the file.

Hello…and goodbye.

If you had read the sticky threads you would have known:

1: The EEPROM is unique for every drive, so an EEPROM from another drive will not work correctly.
2: We do not want any direct EEPROM requesting in this forum!

And the way you behave is not accepted - so goodbye to you.

Thread closed.