Organizing MP3 DVD's

I have a shitload of DVD’s filled with complete audio CD’s in MP3 format.
Most of the MP3 files don’t have ID3 tags
(cause they’re backups of my own CD’s, the songs don’t even have titles)
so I cant search on artist or album…

Is there a program out there that just scans CDR’s or DVD+R’s for folders,
and then presents a search on a folder name; so I know which DVD that album is on?

Also it would be nice if the program could display a list of all the folders in
alphabetical order, and stuff like that… but that’s not the most important thing.

Any help would be nice

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking, but for all my ID3 taggin, I use Tag&Rename

PsychicMP3 will scan a directory of your choice and get the titles for you off of the cddb database online. Look here

@kwkard… thanks for the awesome program… works great…

No problem, it saved me a lot a work!