Organizing audio files; many duplicates

Hello and thank you in advance for your assistance.
I have duplicate and even triplicate .mp3 files and other audio files on my computer. I became aware of how big this problem is when due to space limitations on my C: drive, I went to move my audio files and picture files to a 500 Gig external. Now, I have the feeling that everything is everywhere!I tried a Free program currently being suggested to organize it but it couldn’t differentiate between the files.
Unfortunately, I am also one of those people who download every free program that I think will be useful in the future and forget I have it or even what it is. Will be working on that problem this week.
I don’t want to lose any music or picture files - what is the best way to deal with this?
Again, thank you!

Hiya, long time no see! :slight_smile:

I don’t use any programs to do my organising, so perhaps someone who does can advise you there.

But, I too have loads of music files and pics etc on my external drive, and the way I do it is this:

For pics, I create one main folder (call it what you like - mine is called “My Pics” - original eh?). Inside this, I organise the pics into more folders - “Holiday 1999”, “Christmas 2009” etc.

For the music files, I organise the the files into folders by artist, then inside those, Album folders.

Can take a it of gruntwork starting it all off (I remember organising my mum’s external HDD once - took forever!), but it’s fairly easy to maintain once you get into the routine of backing stuff up at the end of the day/week/month/decade. :wink:

There are probably decent freeware apps that’ll do the work for you, but I’m awkward and always take the long route round anything. :bigsmile:

For duplicates, I find (if I don’t discover them during organising) Quintessential Media Player (free) can search them out and remove extra ones. Other media players do this as well I would think. :slight_smile: