Organize songs!

I was wondering if any one knows how I can organize my songs by placing the text from my burned cd’s into an EXCEL Spreadsheet. I use Easy CD Creator.

Do you mean mp3 songs you burnt as mp3 (data) or as audio?

With audio CDs it is relatively easy when you use CDDB and a program that can export this data to *.csv which then can be imported in Excel or Access.

If you mean MP3 files you can use, for example, WInAmp to generate a playlist in HTML, but when you import that data into Excel you will not be able to sort things on artist, song, album etc, bt you can do a search on a string in the entire excel sheet.

I mean when you burn .wav files to CD. I want to organize where these songs are. I get a list when using CD Creator to print out but I would like to send this information to Excel.

Must it be exportable to Excel?

Else this program might be helpful:


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