Organize/Rename Music Files Without Losing iTunes Library Data?

I’ve been wanting to reorganize my music for the longest time - right now, I’ve just got it all in a great big “music” folder, and it’s getting out of control. I know there are a ton of programs that can do this for me, but I’ve worked so hard for my iTunes data (ratings, last played date, etc) that I don’t want to lose it by having to re-import all my songs after moving them. I know iTunes has an option to automatically keep your music organized, but I don’t like the way it names the files, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to customize it. Is there any way to somehow reorganize my music and without losing all my iTunes data? (You know, short of manually telling it where I’ve moved each of my 7000 songs.) Maybe I shouldn’t be using iTunes at all - I’m sure there’s better - but I’m so comfortable with it. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks so much!

Sad you never got a response. I am kinda in the same boat. I also have a huge directory I have biulding up,and they started with Mp3’s,and ocassional MP4 Purchased at Itunes store. I want to back up my ipod first,before removing all those MP3 files from the hard drive,beacuse it’s taking too much space. Do you know if I remover those Mp3’s from the puter,the next time I plug the ipod in again,will I autonmatically lose all the songs on the ipod? Good Luck to you.

I just upgraded today to 7.5 itunes,then now, my Library will not iopen no matter which way I try to access it. Big bummer.