Organic computer breakthrough

SCIENTISTS HAVE written a message into the DNA of a living organism, a breakthrough they believe could lead to a new era of organic computers capable of healing themselves if damaged.


:cool: :cool:

Now that’s the stuff we want.

I see some terrible things on the way soon.

Spies like us stuff … no longer will messages be sent electronically, or delivered in hard copy. Now terrorists can be tagged & sent off :stuck_out_tongue:

Worse … terrorists can inject a DNA based computer virus, programmed to inject Death note DNA into healthy cells, into someone & send them on their merry way to another country to decimate the population :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course … as they said, it may be able to cure cancer, which I’m all for.
And DNA technology tends to be expensive, and I couldn’t imagine terrorists have a good R&D department with a large budget. Generally their explosives are made out of agricultural products easily obtained from the local barn.

Hey that’s a great catchline for terrorist recruitment:
“How’d you like to be strapped to 10KG’s of chicken $hit?”

This would make a computer eatable and recyclable…wouldnt it???

yes but what would it taste like?


Watch out for that Salmonella :stuck_out_tongue:

Will that be with CHIPS? :wink:

:iagree: that will be the [B]OS[/B]
but if M$ is still around it won’t be as cheap as chips :slight_smile:

If M$, then the OS will be the salmonella :stuck_out_tongue: