***Ordering Windows XP***



Hi there people!
Has anyone in this forum ordered the Preview program off the M$ website?? If so could you tell me how long the cd will take to come to my door?? I live in the UK. If anyone knows it would be real nice if they told me!


ordered??? Download the cd :slight_smile:


I ordered XP preview from MS UK website on the 2nd June

Still waiting:(

With MS it’s always how long is a piece of string?..


Originally posted by TD4

With MS it’s always how long is a piece of string?..

a G-string? :wink:

Used to get one for free at my previous job…(evaluation copy that is, with Win ME it was an upgrade without further limitations)…but now I don’t anymore :frowning:

Think you can better ask someone with cable to download it and send you the CD by postal mail…if you can’t download it yourself…


I don’t know any one who will do that sadly, but if someone can PLEASE!! tell me if u can


Whats the link for the preview, I couldnt find it.


was on a holiday and missed the last version of win xp.

Can someone give me a tip where to download (or by ftp )

Thanks anyway:(


I did have the URL on the connexion website, but that’s dead now… if anyone knows a live URL…