Ordering the lite x52 burner, is it worth me ordering a lite-on 52x CD-ROM as well?

right just ordering the lite x52 burner…But would like to know is it worth me ordering a lite-on x52 cdrom drive as well??? if so is the x52 the best one…??


Please use a more describing title for your posts next time.
“Advice needed ASAP” sounds very demanding and tells nothing on what it is about, which I find very annoying.

dont know much bout the lity cdrom drive, but many people here say that the dvd is a very good reader.

or the asus dvd drive. it performs really well at error skipping with alcohol 120%

If you need a source drive, get another burner. At the current prices, you can get a 40x burner for the price of a CD/DVD-ROM.