Ordering Media from The States



Thinking of ordering some ridata 8cm dvd-rs that use the ritek G04 dye as i cant find any here in the uk with ritek dye.Thinking of getting them from meritline but the shipping has confused me a bit…

This bit i dont quiet get…

For example, the code of United Kingdom is 901, so the shipping fee for products within one pound delivered to United Kingdom will be $39.60 U.S. Dollars.
Please note: Normally, one package can hold 20 pounds at most. If what you ordered is over 20 lbs, we will have to separate them into different packages.

Whats this mean ??

Or is there a better place that sells them that ships to the uk?


Some people have problems with Meritline and Ritek G04 has had a very inconsistent quality for the last 6 months. I would seriously consider posting to get media suggestions locally before you spend so much for a potential problem. I have read posts before that have provided UK sources; it should be do-able.


If you are doing international shipping, I DEFINITELY wouldn’t do business with meritline. Take a look at their reviews on www.resellerratings.com and that is just for US residents. There is also the slight risk that you will get nailed with a hefty import duty on these discs.


That’s for sure, almost.


This means they will screw you on shipping. Your national customs team will chip in, too. And the G04s you eventually get may end up to be the worst you can find.
Don’t be silly and buy your media locally. There are a lot of links to UK e-tailers on this board and the Bargain Basement one.


Hi Jedi Master Joda, i’m in France and i’ve been considering to buy discs from the States too, but worried by extra customs fees… I finally have ordered them from an excellent website in the UK, here is the link :


wide range of choice including Ritek G04, reasonable prices, fast delivery.

Alternatively, i can also advice you the following german website :


Hope this can be helpful to you :cool:


OK, here it is… the reason i ask is because every where i look in the uk for 8CM MINI dvd-rs none of them sell the ritek G04 minis.

@alexgeo i always get my discs from blankdiscshop but as i have said they dont sell 8cm dvd-rs with G04.

Why is it that for some reason no one has a clue to where to get 8CM dvd-rs in the uk,as far as i can see theres no supplyer of them here.

Any other us shops that have 8CM G04 discs that can be trusted…??


whats with the whole G04 business? what burner are you planning to burn these discs with?


For some reason, Ritek’s Mini DVD-Rs with G04 code are the only Mini DVD-Rs that work in the newly modded Game Cubes… they have become a VERY hot commodity in some places here in Canada!

It’s unfortunate too, since they are the most expensive Mini DVD-Rs available (not under a major brand label!).


gamecube is breakable now? links?
hmm… my son will love this…


Yep for gamecube backups. Tryed some minis that used the CMC dye and they dont work, full size G04’s work fine but i have to leave the top off the GC. This i why i need to try and find some mini G04s.

Burner is a A05

About the only minis i can find in this country are…
Bulkpaq (prodiscS03)
Datasafe (prodiscS03)
Hyundai (an31)
Datawrite (VDSPMSAB 01)


I got a link @afterdawn by icemonkey, Dec 2003. Hah! I missed a year!


OK, gone offtopic here… back to the topic, what sites are reliable and sell 8cm ritek dvdrs in the us??

Dont worry about import tax, let me worry about that.


NEW Traxdata 4x Speed Ritek 8cm DVD-R at http://www.digitalpromo.co.uk


http://www.opusshop.de/ has some memorex that they claim to be ritek, but it can also be CMC. (not sure do they post to UK)
http://www.ketta.com has traxdata, which most certainly should be ritek, but price is higher than digitalpromo.


Really! I didn’t know. I got a 3-pack from radioshack today. THey were verbatim branded.