Ordering disabled at allTunes

I just signed up for this service and I’ve been very happy with it but now when I try to order, I get “We are sorry, but the ordering is currently disabled. Please check back later.”

Does anyone know if this happens very often and how long it lasts?

Thank you.

At the moment, the AllOfMp3 service seems to be down at this time of writing as I cannot get on to the website or even ping it. From what I recall, ordering was disabled during the last time their site was down for maintenance and this lasted for around 5 days or so. However, as their website is simply timing out intead of giving an message about maintenance, I wonder if there is something else up here, especially with the amount of legal action taking place against it at this time. :rolleyes:

Edit: The website has come back up again, however I can confirm that ordering is disabled. I tried seeing what happens if I click the order button on a random song and get:

Ordering is temporarily disabled
We are sorry, but the ordering is currently disabled.

The site is undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please check back later.

Sounds like good by allofmp3.com . . .

Just had another check and it looks like ordering is back online again, so not this time. :wink:

However, with the amount of threads and record companies trying to take action against the site, chances are that something has to give, whether it be that banks get forced to reveal personal details of those who order from the site (like ISP’s revealing details of those sharing music), getting the ISPs to block access to the site or so on. Only time will tell . . .

Or perhaps, they limit access to russian IP’s only, as it’s been said time and again that this is a strictly russian loophole - kind of like when CloneCD disabled functionality according to country settings.

As of Saturday, July 22nd, 2006, is seems the AllTunes servers are down.

Now, seriously, how much freaking maintenance can really be going on? Is the service a target of hackers or something?

I was able to connect, I was able to order & download, but there were problems. Some songs wouldn’t download at all. Then downloading became very, very slow – like 8Kb/s slow. Didn’t want to wait two or three hours for a handful of songs, so I stopped the downloading, quit, and tried to start up again.

Now the AllTunes client can’t connect to the servers – I’m getting a “network error.” Tried to download a new client, in case that was it, but my browser can’t connect to their servers, either. They are really down.

Every time something like this happens, we all get scared AllTunes has been shut down permanently. But it would seem as though they’ve always had technical issues, even when they were still “under the radar,” as it were.

Still, I just put money into my account, and I want to spend it. It’s hard not to be anxious about the service.

Oh, and why is it that AllofMP3’s web site works, but AllTunes doesn’t? Do they not keep their files on the same servers?

Maybe half an hour after that post, I was able to connect again. But some songs are failing to download. Downloads are slow to start. They must really be mucking with the servers or something.