Ordered Riteks, got (maybe) fake T02's?

Hi guys, just had a quick couple of questions.

I had ordered a 50 pack of supposed ritek g04 media

However they’re showing up as T02’s

Upon looking at the disc’s, I’ve noticed two things.

  1. I can literally see odd patterns in the dye area, I dont think that’s normal??? (I’ve never seen this before??)

  2. On the clear part in the middle (spindle?), it actually looks like some of the dye, bled over?! onto the spindle, wtf??

Kprobe results are horrid on two burners.

Basically I’m wondering - are they fake T02’s?
Obviously they’re not the ritek’s they were supposed to be, so I dunno wtf they’re trying to pull. All the numbers matched up on the reciept and the 50 pack sticker itself, so…


Look REAL carefully at the outer ring - true T02’s have a code number - mine start with “TG” and a six digit number- also on the other side and opposite is a four digit number-

This is supposed to denote “true” TY’s-

Where did you get them from? Do they have a return policy? In the future - buy from a good vendor like www.rima.com or www.supermediastore.com


In looking on the disc, I see the following code:


I do not see a 4 digit number on the other side, just the exact same number as above, only mirrored…

I bought them from meritline like a fool… I have ordered from rima in the past and will from now on.

As far as the return, they’re not answering my emails so… we’ll see how that pans out. I paid with a CC, so it won’t be too bad.

Thanks mike


With Meritline - you should receive an answer to your email - in the middle of the night and from someone that is probably in India…

I actually have had success in getting a RMA from them - but you have to pay shipping back to them which is a bummer - it has been said in here that if Rima $crews up that they send you a UPS return label @ no cost to you…

BTW - the latest batch of Taiyo Yuden 8x +R’s from Rima are burnin’ perfectly (and they are REAL)

Bottom Line Folks=Stay Away From Meritline!!!


Mertiline didn’t make those discs. It’s the disc manufacturer’s fault for putting fake MIDs on media.

Owning and operating a media store still makes them liable in my book.

First damn thing I’d do was make sure I was selling authentic stuff to my customers…

Media manufacturers can change media codes at the drop of a hat. Even Rima/ACCA can’t tell you if their next shipment of Prodisc media is going to actually be Prodisc, or if it’s going to be MCC media, or if their Samsung 4x +Rs are going to continue to be Taiyo Yuden, or BeAll, etc etc. The resellers can’t know everything…

He ordered G04 and ended up with something else. That is meritlines fault for shipping the wrong DVDs to him.

I will never buy from meritline again. The first time I bought DVDs was from meritline. I ordered a 50 pack of G04. It showed up and was NOT G04, but M02. I used them because I didn’t know much about DVDs then. They burned ok once I found a good strat swap. But I probably wasted half of them.

If they don’t KNOW its going to be Ritek G04 then they shouldn’t say its going to be Ritek G04.