Ordered G04's got G05's

Hey everyone,

I ordered “Genuine” Ritek G04’s and when i received my order i noticed the disks looked a bit different than my last 3 batches. The disks were plain shiny silver, but the bottom side seemed a lighter purple. Sure enough, when i popped the disk in my comp to check the media code…it came up as RitekG05. Haven’t used G05’s before, but i’ve heard they are not as faithful as G04’s. I have a pioneer ao6u burner which i use to back up my movies and ps2 games. I went through 75 G04’s without a single coaster. What does everyone think…should i make this an issue with the company I ordered from and demand the g04’s, or are the g05’s worth keeping??? Thanks in advance!!! :confused:

Two months ago I ordered 25 Ridisc RITEKG04 and I received Ridisc with ID G05:

10 of them coasters (at the moment).

Before I used 50 Rimax G04 without one coaster.


Have not gotten one coaster from my G05’s on both my 3500’s- however get better looking movies with my TY 8x -R’s IMHO-