Ordered a 1620, should I cancel?

Just looking for some honest advice here from some of you if possible. I just ordered a 1620 Pro to replace my 822a drive. I have a few hours to cancel the order and get something else. After reading the threads about the high failure rate should I cancel my order?

Any advice is much appreciated! :bigsmile:

keep it.

Of course not… you’ll love it.

It is hard to judge how high the failure rate is. 36 participant in the poll, last time I checked, but out of how many? And how high is the rate with other brands and models? Some people report multiple failures, but they also report getting an already opened replacement drive, so maybe a certain retailer is sending the same defective drive to multiple customers, trying to dump it (instead of doa’ing it to the manufacturer).
My BenQ works great, I have burned hundreds of dvd’s with it. My first drive was a 2.4x Philips and never missed a beat either. I would not hesitate to buy a new model from either brand.

It depends where did you ordered? As any other electronics, there is a small chance to get a defective drive. If you ordered from online that has good replacement policy such as newegg, don’t cancel it.

Thx for the comments guys, I actually ordered it from NewEgg which has always provided top notch service. My Benq 822a has made me very happy over the months so I’m hoping the 1620 treats me the same.

I just received a retail 1620 Pro from NewEgg on Friday. I haven’t had any problems with it.

I have two BenQs and love 'em. They’re great. My first BenQ died in only 11 days, but the tech support was fantastic and within 2 weeks I had a brand-new drive, and I’ve burned about 50 discs on it no problem so far.

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keep it !! i have 2 1620’s. nothin better for +r burning. i also have a liteon 1633 (its only good 4 scanning) returned 2 nec3500’s, didn’t burn my +r’s as nice as the 1620.

My third one, from Newegg, arrives today. Great drive, great retailer. You’re just suffering buyer’s remorse, it will pass. If a few hours have passed since you ordered, it’s probably packed and ready for Fedex pickup already.

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WHere do you gonna put your third one? in your server? :stuck_out_tongue:
nice rigs, btw.

got mine from newegg also and even though my 1st one did fail newegg were very quick about getting me my second which is running fine :slight_smile:

I’m going with dual burners in all my rigs, except for the server, and it’s being retired this week. Thanks.

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What about waiting till May 5th for BenQ DW1640??

But it won’t be on european/USA maket May 5th.
Maybe a couple of months later…am i wrong?

in any case.

you have already ordered it and you are gonna enjoy it’s quality burns.

Indeed, NewEgg has shipped it as we speak. Anxious to get it and try it out…hopefully for the weekend. Thanks again for the input folks!

use it and llove it…

I have three, love 'em. My LG never gets used any more, and the old DW822A is still going strong. You will find the BenQ DW1620 to be a strong and reliable machine.

A side note: why don’t people with drive failures report place & date of manufacture? 't’would be appreciated. Thanks!

Don’t worry about it. Just replaced the ‘good deal’ month and a half old 1620 with a Plex 716A - another good deal (couldn’t resist a Plex under $50 like the BenQ). Reading that the new 716A’s are having a reliability problem so you take your chances. So far the burns are excellent , probably the Benq a little better - haven’t upgraded/tweaked the Plex yet. FWIW the kids (#1 son) new Liteon 851@832 is burning good to almost excellent.