Order to jaydisc-media.de


i am thinking to make an order to this internet shop but i don’t know which discs are best. I need long lasting discs for important info.

Which DVD-R do you think are a good deal?

Ricoh DVD-R DL are a good option?

Thanks in advance


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You’ll get plenty of opinions on this, but I would choose Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden DVD-/+R, and Verbatim +R DL.

Thanks for the fast answer! :slight_smile:

I think that Verbatim DVD+R DL are very good but i haven’t ever used any DL disc before. And then i have just found out with this forum that there are some fakes (changed ID).

I think that you can have a better quality is you buy more expensive discs. right?
Although sometimes discs are really expensive! One 25x spindle of printables DVD-R DL VERBATIM costs 35€. Shit!

If i buy Taiyo Yuden DVD-R/+R on that website, is it possible to get a fake??
A i a bit paranoid? :smiley:


To be honest, I’m not too sure about that website, as I’ve never seen anyone mention it here. :wink:

I would certainly order Taiyo Yuden from a trusted site, as you correctly say there are fakes around.

I’ll move this to the main Blank Media Forum, and if you tell us what country you’re in, people can recommend good places to buy genuine TY/Verbatim media. :slight_smile:

I am in the south of Spain and the online shop is in Germany.

I hadn’t noticed the high price of Taiyo Yuden for 100 discs. I haven’t ever heard about them, but is seems a good optiom.


SVP shipping to Spain costs 22 euros. How does it compare to this German online shop, [B]jiuman[/B]?

SVP (UK) has great media prices and great customer service. If you choose to buy from them if the shipping price sounds OK to you, I can give direct links to recommended -R and DL discs. :slight_smile:

(No, I don’t work at SVP, I’m just a [I]very [/I]happy customer :bigsmile: )

Ricoh DL has compatibility issues with many burners. If you search the forum, you’ll find that Verbatim DL is considered as the best choice by all experienced users. :slight_smile:

Which media do you recommend me? :bow:

I want to purchase aproximately 50x DVD-R SL and 10x DVD-R DL.


Are you buying from SVP? Also, do you mean DVD+R DL and not DVD-R DL?


It doesn’t matter +R or -R. What i meant is that i will buy: DVD5 and DVD9 formats.


jaydisc-media.de is a german emigrant. These shops had to emigrate because of the german GEMA fee (more than 20 Cent per disc). Having said that, I think jaydisc-media.de is not the best of these emigrants. I prefer to buy from Xmediatrade or Tomdax. The prices in these shops about 10% lower. Tomdax has very low shipping costs. 100 Verbatim DVD+R 16x cost less than 30€ there. These are my preferred media.

Ricoh DVD-R DL are a good option?

I prefer Verbatim DL-Media. Having said that the burn quality Ricoh DVD+R DL 8x on my LG H22N is almost as good as that of Verbatim DL media, but they also cost the same and many burners do not support them well.

Stay away from DVD-R DL unless you want to play, because DVD-R DL is more expensive and also sucks as a format (it looks like a normal DVD-R for most of the older players => freeze/stop at layer break, and cannot be bitset).

Just read this: http://www.jaydisc-media.de/german/mwst.htm

It reveals the idea behind that VAT emigrants…
And this shop is just another “child” of CD ROHLINGE 24… :frowning:

These are GEMA emigrants, not VAT emigrants. You can’t emigrant from the VAT. If you buy something from another EU country via internet, that shop has to pay the VAT of your home country to your home country. Xmediatrade has already adjusted the prices to the new German VAT. Unfortunately they dropped also dropped the user comments about product quality.

What the price of the order in Spain.

Shipping will cost to much for such a small order.

OK, my bad. :wink:

In Spain we have other shitty extra cost that it’s called CANON. It’s about 0.5€ per 4.7GB disc and 1€ in DL.

Thanks for the answers.

The printer company Canon? :slight_smile:

Or is it a tax-like copyright levy like GEMA, Austro Mechana, Teosto…?

Luxembourg dealers are still the ones to beat as far as media prices in Europe are concerned though (even cheaper than SVP most of the time), especially for German users (XMediatrade shipping costs to Germany are lower than to Luxembourg (!), for example). Avoiding GEMA (and similar) does have a significant impact on the prices.

Besides the already mentioned XMediatrade (shipping costs to Spain: ~20 Euros), Iwonatec (shipping costs to Spain: ~13 Euros) and Tomdax (shipping costs to Spain: ~19 Euros) can be recommended. Very cheap and reliable, I’m a happy customer of all of them.

I can personally recommend buying those Verbatim 16x DVD+R discs (MCC004) for 30-33 Euros a 100 disc cakebox (price depends on the shop).

And another Luxembourg dealer that has pretty good prices (especially on printable Verbatim discs and Taiyo Yuden media): Damrotech

Shipping costs to Spain are 20 Euros. I haven’t tested the shop myself yet, but they sell their stuff on eBay, too, and got good ratings there.

P.S.: The earlier mentioned dealer Iwonatec is not from Luxembourg, but from the Netherlands. Sorry if that caused any confusion.

I ordered me 100 TY +R and 50 CMC from Damrotech yesterday.
My items got shipped today.
Don’t quite understand why the TY are so much cheaper than in other stores.
Guess I’ll find out once they arrived.