Order new Pioneer DVR-111BK not sure how to install it exactly and what jumpers to pu

lo all I was just wondering I read some where on the forums that Pioneer should be set to master and wanted to know more in detail

I currently have 2 hard drives ide on my computer
Primary master is hddo os drive and then primary slave I currently got my old DVD burner and secondary master my second hard drive

So I was wondering when I get round to install my new burner and if I need to make it master could I can I do it like this keep first os drive same make primary slave on my second hard drive where my old burner used to be and put the new burner on secondary master

Would really appreciate if I can have input on this many thanks.

It’ll probably work OK as a slave to a HDD. It must use an 80wire IDE cable which is what you’ll most likely have with the hard drives.

It must run in Ultra DMA mode 4 to work properly.

If it doesn’t work right as a slave the making the HDD a slave & the Pio as master won’t hurt.

thanks alot timc im gunna try it first way like you said on slave to a hdd i checked my dma on control panel and device 1 where my current old burner is set to ultra dma 4 so hopyfully it should be ok with the pioneer witch is arriving 2morro thanks again for your help m8 :slight_smile:

If your “old” burner is set up with UDMA4 then just by replacing it with the new one (check the jumpers!) should work.