Order firmwares to flash Benq 1640


I would like to have some informations concerning a certain method to update his burner Benq DW1640. (Please excuse me for my poor English maitrise, I am French :wink: ). I saw in one of the forums of the site, somebody explaining clearly how to improve his qualities of burns by updating the firmwares of the burner in a certain order. (After restarting of the system between each flash well on).

Example: BSGB then BSLB then BSOB then BSNB etc…

I do not know if I am quite explicit in my message, but if you see that of which I speak, could you communicate this method to me??? I know that this method had functioned in a friend and I would like to find this procedure, I would be very grateful to you. :bow:


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You can flash directly to latest firmware: no need to flash with intermediate ones :slight_smile:

It is strange because my friend arrives at scores definitely higher than mine with same dvds. I am certain to have seen that some share. At present, I put firmware BEGB of the burner Benq 164B, and I have slightly better results. You do not have councils to give me at the time of the flash or a firmware modified (Hack???).


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The method of flashing you describe is an anternative, to used if drive isn’t giving you the results you’d expect.
Initially there’s no reason not to just pick the f/w you require & flash. In my experience if your media is +, then either BSLB or BSMB. If media is -, then BSOB.
If you want to know the sequence that I suggested some time ago, It was simply to go from current f/w to a f/w that didn’t support SolidBurn. (BSGB for example) Then back to whichever f/w you require.[This was primarily to ‘wake’ a drive SolidBurn, as it appeared not to working]. There is another sequence if problems persist, but I suggest you just try the f/w that appears to suit your needs. Then if you have problems come back & let us know.
BTW I currently have BEFB f/w on my 1640.

There are no absolute rules. It’s all related to media you have available.

Flashing your burner with a certain sequence of firmwares don’t have any effect on burning quality.

You can find that a certain firmware give you best results, and this is due to the too big variability in dvd media. But this is all. Some users (mee too) find that the best firmware available until now is BSLB, but only because with the media available to me I obtain the best results with this firmware.

Media variability is so high that different users using the same burner model that do a burn with discs from the same box usually obtain different results.

Too bad there are not absolute rules. The only way to find what firmware give you best results is to do some burnings and scanning discs.

It’s possible also that you obtain best results for a specific media with a specific firmware so you can decide to use a specific firmware for some media, and a different firmware with other media.

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I just thought I’d put this seperately.
When comparing two different systems. Variations could be down to better PSU > more powerful CPU > better ventilation > better IDE cable > less or no conflicts in setup etc.
If you want to speedup the readspeed then MediaCodeSpeedEdit will do that.

I will try various firmwares in order to know what is appropriate to my burner. For information, my dvds is Verbatim DVD+R 16X MCC004 (Reference manufacturer: 43539 - Spindle of 25 dvds). Would firmware BSLB or BSMB be appropriate better then?

Thank you very much for all these answers :bow:. And if you want to translate this words in french :

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

My personal experience with MCC004 is that BSLB give me better results. But as I said, too bad the only way to know is to try and see results.

I suggest also to burn these media max @12x, because 1640 have an issue that produce spikes of PIF errors around 3,5 GB (this issue is not present in 1650 series).

Hi :slight_smile:
I use almost exclusively MCC 03RG20 & MCC 004.
For MCC 004 I would try either BSLB (probably the favourite) or BSMB (for some reason often overlooked).
As geno888 says 12x seems to be the ‘sweet’ spot for most users. But experiment, for it’s different for everybody.
Edit: I must be getting old if geno888 can beat me to the draw. :bigsmile:

Here a scan taken with nero 4.10 and the burner of my friend in my PC with my dvds:


And here my engraver this evening with firmware BSMB:


The difference is obvious and I do not manage to include/understand why there is a so large variation… I would like to have your opinion on these scans.


Are these media coming from the same box?

No, different box but same manufacturer same mid code same packaging.

My scan is ugly scan for MCC 004 + BENQ1640 ???


PS : I have better scan with BSLB comparing at BSMB with WOPC activate at 12x… but it’s not incredible compare to scan of my friend… sob sob

The main problem with dvd media is this great variability. Sometimes happen also that media coming from the same box give so different results (it happened to me).

Can you try to burn a disc from the box of your friend? If you still obtain so different results, then we know that is not a media problem.

Moreover, do you used the same setting of QSuite (aka wopc, solidburn and overspeed)?

Unfortunately it is not unusual to have variable quality
from one box to the next, even with good media.

Hi :slight_smile:
The first scan is, firstly a good scan. But the second isn’t that bad. The reason for the difference in the Quality Score is mainly down to some PIF spiking at around 0.25 in the second scan. BenQ will tell you that this relatively small cluster spike is not really a problem, although it will affect the quality score. PIF total less than 4 gives 99% a total of 4 will give 98% more than 4 97% more than 6 (I think) 96% 8 gives you 95%. It seems drastic, but it’s not so. This difference can occur on the same pc & be put down to to media variation. Plus see my earlier post re different systems etc.


I have just finished to burn and scan one of my dvds MCC004 with firmware BSLB in 12x with Nero 7. The Solidburn options is activated, WOPC is activated for the recognized media and not recognized, overspeed is desactivated.


I obtain best performance on pi failure compared to the BSOB, it is obvious! My friend does not have any more a dvds MCC004 of the same box… damage. In theory, the number of burns carried out with the same firmware improves quality thanks to option WOPC activated for the recognized media, not ?


PS: Which is the best firmware for DVD+R DL MKM001 Verbatim for Benq 1640???

To see what happen during a burn (mostly for buffer emptying) can you do a burn with cd-dvd speed instead of nero?

Moreover, can you burn a full disc? These burnings are not completely meaningful, because is in the external psrt of disc that is more probable to have problems.

Actually, SolidBurn “learns” media (when activated) and
after 3 or 4 burns things usually get better.
WOPC adjusts optical power for each burn, and does
not have any learning feature.

Hi :slight_smile:
As geno888 has said to get a really informative scan you need to virtually fill the disc. CD/DVDSpeeds’ create a data disc will do this. Also as Chuck44 says if you enable SolidBurn then a minimum of 3 discs (I actually use 5) before any consistant improvements.See attachment of one of my scans.

Hi :wink: , i usually burn MCC 004 Media with BSLB and default settings in Qsuit, in my experience MCC004 provide in general excllent results but they indeed vary from box to box and even in the same box (i once found a scratched DVD in a otherwise perfect DVD spindle), my favoirte way to test media is to carefully check the recordable surface of the DVD before burning and look for even small alterations in light reflection which could eventually produce lower scans quality , just my 2 Cents

Regards and good luck