Order cancelled at Geeks.com for Benq 1655 drive WTH!

:frowning: I just checked the order status on that 1655 drive from Geeks.com and my order was cancelled!!! WTF!!! :a :a I have yet to receive any email notifying me they could not fill my order. Anyone else have their orders cancelled? I wonder if they couldn’t fill the orders. Oh! well I guess I’ll order a brand spanking new Pioneer or LG drive for my friends computer.

The obvious question is “When did you order?”

Way before they ran out of the drive which was last night. I placed my order on Friday evening. :wink:

I also ordered Friday evening @ 6:00 PST — I just checked my order. It’s showing as shipped, and I have a FedEx tracking number. I got the Beige 1655 LS model.

I’ll report back when it arrives (if it does!)

Hope they will refund your money, Addict!

I have had similar things happen at other vendors (like Zip Zoom Fly). They list things as being in stock when you order, but they are not. :frowning: Argh.

Sorry to hear DVD_ADDICT. I ordered mine about the same time and should be getting it March 1st so Fedex says.

Yeah, that sucks. Placed my order Friday afternoon and it’s shipped for delivery 3/2.

Thanks for the replies. I just called Geeks.com and was told they ran out of stock. :frowning: Unbelieveable since they had the 1655 on their website till Sunday afternoon. :a I’m not happy with the customer service from Geeks.com since I got no email notification that my order was cancelled. Other online retailers send a email notification if the item becomes out of stock or if order is being cancelled.

I’ll be ordering a Pioneer 111 or LG H42 for my friends computer from Newegg instead. :wink:

Well, I ordered the black one on Friday afternoon but the status still shows “processing order”, I guess I won’t get it either then :frowning:

Is this a good burner. I been looking into getting a new one.

It is a good burner, agruably the best, but it has end of lifed a long time ago and we basically dance and celebrate whenever it becomes available for sale again.


@Addict -Sorry, but Pio 111D is out of stock at the Egg, unless you want open box…

It’s okay I can just order a Pioneer 112 or buy a retail one from Best Buy.
Or I can order a LG H42N drive as well. :slight_smile:

The Pio 112 is looking quite good from the results in the Pio forum… mine will be here Thursday.

Guess the party’s over and everyone of us are moving on with life, some goes Liteon, some LG, some pioneer, and some shooting for blu-rays :sad:

Not as good as a 1640…i got 2 working 1640’s still, tried a 1650 once, it sucks as bad as my new Liteon 201AP :stuck_out_tongue:

:bigsmile: Yes the drive performs well. I bought one from Best Buy 2 weeks ago with a 12% coupon off.

Hell I’m still smiling with my 1620 that still kicks A$$. I bet Pinto’s does too! Along with an decent 1650. But the 20 is still better than the 50.

1650/1655 suffered from being the last of the benq drives using philips chipset. the hardware isn’t worse than the 1620. the firmware could use some work. sadly… :sad:

Oops, I was being paranoid. Just got an email from computer geeks saying that my Benq 1655s are shipped. Talk about turning from desperately wanting to buy it to overstocked with it :iagree: