Orange light blinking 451S won't work now

Help I flashed my 451S with f/w patch VS08 now the orange light is blinking and the dvdrw won’t recognize there is even a disc in it. I downloaded the omnipatcher cause I read this would fix the blinking light but when I open it up all the options are greyed out and won’t let me check any of the boxes. Did I fry my burner? Can anybody help me please?

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Can you still see your drive in Windows??

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Yes but it shows up as a sohw-832s now so when I try to reflash it with the old f/w it tells me there is no drive for that f/w.

Ok then use the omnipatcher load 451S firmware select enable cross flashing , reflash the drive, reboot, then you can go back to using normal 451 firmware, if you read the omnipatcher thread it does explain this. :iagree:

Thankyou so very much. I got it back. No more playing around. I’m leaving it just like it is. I owe you a beer. (Sigh of relief) thankyou again. Your a life saver. I was freakin out.

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:confused: Are you sure you downloaded the correct patched VS08 firmware? Because the correctly patched VS08 has the orange light blinking disabled all together–if you get that blink, then you didn’t download the correct firmware for 451S@832S.

I think it was VS0A instead not sure. I repatched with US0N and now every thing seems to be back like it was. I haven’t made a burn yet, but at least now it will read a dvd and the light went out. I’m not sure the omnipatcher is downloaded right since all the options are grayed out and it says invalid file when I try to load a crosspatch f/w file. But at least I got it back to a 451S @ 851S dvdrw. Thanks.

It should not give you a file loading error, unless you used the scrambled firmware (which is not the correct firmware to use).

First, you should be using the latest 1.3.8. Second, the firmware that you should be using for 451S@832S is this one:

Thanks for the reply. I got the omnipatcher to load with the link you gave me but decided to leave it alone. I’m getting good rip/burns with the US0N f/w patch. Ya know don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. What would be the advantages of making it a 451s @ 832s? The blinking light and unable to read disc problem I had yesterday kind of scared me away. Would you recommend updating to the 832s?

you will get better single layer writing quality and dual-layer capabilities and support for more media. you also will be able to burn +R with 8x-speed. it’s on you what firmware you choose, but i recommend 451S@832S VS0A.

Another couple of questions, please be patient with me, just trying to learn. If I try the upgrade with the omnipatcher again, should I highlight the media I use and check the 6x and 8x boxes (ritek g04 dvd-r)? Should I apply the recommended media tweaks? And lastly should I check all boxes under general patches or just certain ones? I don’t understand all the terminology. I did read the guide for the omnipatcher, but still not sure how to set it up. Oh 1 last thing, can you damage or overflash your drive? Thankyou in advance.

Hi Mort81,

The 451 cannot burn -R media at 8X - the digital-to-analog converter is not up to the task - so it’s 4X max for -R media. Apparently this hardware issue was corrected in the 812/832 version. There’s reason to believe that this minor D->A update is perhaps the only significant difference between the 451/851 drives and the 812/832 drives.

That said, this hardware issue does NOT apply for any of the +R media, so you can check all of the boxes for the 2.4X, 4X, 6X and 8X media. This will allow you to ATTEMPT to burn the media at a higher than rated speed, but you may get burn errors. That’s why it’s so important to check at least a few discs with KProbe, since some disc types will burn reasonably well at 8X while others will not.

In general, I recommend you NOT apply any tweaks unless you are unhappy with the KProbe results for the default settings. Every drive is different. I too have a 451 and it’s likely to provide different KProbe results than yours - even if we run the SAME firmware version and burn the same discs. Using these tweaks will allow me to tune the drive for the disc media that I use on my 451 drive, and know that I’ve achieved a good result via KProbe feedback. Especially don’t arbitrarly apply them unless you take the time to read up on them and understand them! These are hobyist tweaks and althought they likely won’t harm your drive, you can waste a fair amout of media trying them and then backing them out.

Just run up Omnipatcher, click the “Load” button, and then pick the “832S.VS0A.patched-_51S@832S” exe firmware. Note that Omnipatcher only modifies the contents of executable firmware itself - it does NOT directly touch the firmware inside your drive - this happens later when you run the executable. Once you’ve used Omnipatcher to modify your settings, you need to save these settings back to the disk. That’s where the “Save As” button comes in - you can either overwrite the original file, or create a duplicate of it under another name - with your changes added to it. I always overwrite the original myself - just to keep the clutter down.

Once you have the modified executable file, you just double-click on it to run it, and it will patch the firmware in your drive. You can go back-and-forth with all of the various firmwares that match the 451/851 drives, if you want to. I prefer to stay with the latest firmware myself, if possible, since it will likely have the latest fixes.

Hope this somewhat useful and that it wasn’t too basic…

It was very useful and I appreciate you taking the time to help me with these issues. Once again thanks.