Orange fonts hurts my eyes

anyway to change this ???

It is the CD Freaks color, together with Blue.
You are thus asking us to change our whole style which we have for as long as I can remember?

I am sorry to disappoint you, but I see little chance for it to be changed.

You can override these colors/fonts in Internet Explorer -> Tools -> options -> Accessibility if you really want to.


Orange is loveley. :slight_smile:

yeah its a great color

Orange may be a lovely color but it hurts my eyes too.
So if blue is also a color of cdfreaks, why not use a dark blue for the text? It would be way better for the eyes.
Or use a darker background to get more contrast.

lol, we might as well as change the white parts of the screen, relax guys, we can find another topic to be discussing other than our personal tastes on colors of all things.