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What are the best discs for writing, I’ve been using Datasafe x 4 DVD-R for writing, but just lately I have been getting a few coasters, I seem to remember using + once and having less errors with them. If anyone can recommend a + disc for 1008 I would be very grateful, they have to be printable and able to play in a standalone, one more thing not too expensive in fact the cheaper the better. I don’t ask for much do I, just hope someone can help me Thanks


I have had good luck with PRODISCR03 and RICOHJPNR01.


I can’t find them anywhere in the UK been searching all the sites the nearest I can get is Prodisc S03/So4 on DVD-


I can find them but not printable


You might want to look on Ebay. You can find pretty much everything there and usually for a good price.


I found Prodisc S04 on http://www.svp.co.uk

They are cheap and seem to be reliable.