+ or -...which is better for movies?

I use mostly - and get about a 90% success rate when making my discs with dvd shrink. I have only tried a few + discs and was just curious which has a better success rate for movies. I use the bit set 1.06 to convert the -R to -ROM and would doing that to a + result in the same compatability?

Either should work. The bitsetting thing realy only applies to +R discs. It may depend on your stand alone player which flavor of discs it likes better. I do well with +R discs, on a Sharp DVD player which is designed for -R discs. Go figure. Some experimentation is needed to find the best formula. And definitely do the bitsetting with the +R discs.

I must be lucky, I bought an Ellion DV 520 C dvd player from Amazon UK; this is a Chinese made (I think) appliance which plays divx avi files, mpegs, VOBs, mp3s and jpegs as well as DVDs. They sell for as little as 69 UK pounds now.

Anyway it plays every kind of medium I put in it.

Language note: “medium” is singular, “media” is plural.

That is, cd-r cd-rw dvd-r dvd+r dvd-rw dvd+rw and of course all pressed cds and dvds. I have not had to even think about bitsetting. If I shared stuff more then I might have to consider it.

As far as I know, there’s really no downside to bitsetting your +R discs.