Optware to release 30 GB holographic card for less than $1 in 2006



I just posted the article Optware to release 30 GB holographic card for less than $1 in 2006.

w00t! That’s what I would say when thinking of a 30 GB storage that costs less than $1. Hmm! That’s what I thought when reading that this was announced by a company named Optware. The…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10416-Optware-to-release-30-GB-holographic-card-for-less-than-1-in-2006.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10416-Optware-to-release-30-GB-holographic-card-for-less-than-1-in-2006.html)

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Ok, I’ll believe this when I see it. I’ve been hearing about holographic technologies since like 2000, and nothing has come to mass market. Also, at $10,000 for read/write, no one will buy this. Hell by the time it comes out, blu-ray and hd-dvd will be out and will probably be cheaper.


Only $10,000…yeah I will buy two. I wonder how long til they fall below $100 ?


First they said a terabyte then they said 200-300Gb now 30Gb. I guess by the end of 2006 they will say they will be makeing a card with a magnetic strip that holds 2Mb for $2. LOL!


Everyone always complains about the price of new technology. This is somewhat of an ignorant complaint. You tech savvy people (I know you all are) should be aware by now that this is just the nature of new technology. Of course you are not going to buy a 10 grand machine - you don’t have to say it. Of hourse you won’t buy a 500 dollar dvd burner either. I’m sure you complained about that years ago too.


Cheap media. If only those Dual Layer peeps would catch on:B


w00t? how gay is that word right honest.


or put another way, 10 grand for media and 1 dollar for writer :slight_smile: Certainly innovative stuff, but it’s not anywhere near ready since all they have are mock-ups to show the media. There doesn’t seem to be any danger to the dominance of the CD/DVD market anywhere on the horizon. I’m sure the big electronics companies are not worried about this just yet.


Any information if the disc is rewritable?


Pure, unadulterated BS. PHANTOMWARE. :frowning: p.s. Waste of time.


I hear that Optware makes great 3D sunglasses. You put them over your eyes and then you can see their magical Terabyte storage that fits on a penny. :+ /satire