Optowrite dd0203 burning at 2x

Hi, i’m stumped, i’ve been using this writer for ages burning cd’s, just started to burn dvd’s and it won’t go any faster than 2x, it takes 29 minutes for 1 dvd, i have done all the usual checks, flashed latest firmware 2.50
i use both alcohol and nero, both burn at 2x and no faster.

, What media are you using . also whats your operating system,etc. I have the same drive and i use clone dvd2 by elby and after its on my hard drive i use nero to burn it to a dvd. It may take 30 minutes to write it to your hard drive and at 4x about 14 minutes to burn the dvd. Hope this helps you a little.

I’m using PioData 8x multispeed, i have clone dvd3 but i get this error message, “failed to obtain information from the current source, the source is not in dvd video format”
It’s taking 30 minutes to burn to dvd using alcohol and nero, the fastest speed available in alcohol is 3x, it still burns at 2x when i choose 3, maybe it is the dvd media.

It’s the media and i bought 200 of the damn things, just tried an old bulkpaq 4x i found lying around and it burned at 4x, strange thing is i have a 16x burner in my office and using the PioData 8x it burned a copy in 15 minutes at 4x, i need to get some decent media i think

My guess its the media-I use tdk,sony fuji,hp 4x-brand name media. What are you trying to copy to dvd- Movie? and in what format is it. I have the optorite 203 with 230 firmware- i never update to 2.50 and have copied alot of dvds at 4x which takes about 14 to 15 minutes. I just upgraded to the nec 3500 from newegg for $64.