OptoRite unveils 16x DVD writer with 4x DVD+R DL write speed

I just posted the article OptoRite unveils 16x DVD writer with 4x DVD+R DL write speed.

  At OptoRite's website  you can  now find the specifications of the company's new 16x DVD writer. The drive has  the model name DD1601 and supports 16x/4x DVD+R/RW, 8x/4x DVD-R/RW and 4x ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9077-OptoRite-unveils-16x-DVD-writer-with-4x-DVDR-DL-write-speed.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9077-OptoRite-unveils-16x-DVD-writer-with-4x-DVDR-DL-write-speed.html)

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I never burned any DVD-R’s, but 8x DVD-R is falling behind competition. Plus I never really liked Optorite drives… incompetent fools

Least DVD-R doesn’t need that stupid bitsetting to ensure a burn will work on anything. What a load of crock that is! DVD Alliance would do alot better if they made their discs right in the first place.

Incompetent fools? :frowning: Are you sure? Optorite drives based on Sanyo writers, and Sanyo is one of the biggest company in the ODD market with real R&D and real manufacturing (they developed dozens of new techs for CD/DVD writing you can find in many other drives). Okay, not ALL of their drives are perfect, but you cant find such a manufacturer who didnt produced poor products in the past. BTW, I am sure 16x DVD+R discs will be avalaible very soon, but 16x DVD-R… I think a 16x DVD+R and 8x DVD-R drive is a quite decent deal for the next year, and after that, we will dress blue anyway :X

Maybe you are right, if they changed for Philips this time, but only time will tell what kind of decision is it…

I would never buy another optorite drive, The first one failed and didnt write with different media at the correct speeds. Then my mate and brother bought one each and they failed miserably. The drives are rubbish and you get what you pay for.
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by saying incompetent, I meant they’re falling behind competition (for 8x dvd-r). And just because Optorite WERE Sanyo based, doesn’t mean that their drives will perform like the other Sanyo based drives.