Optorite or LiteOn



I’m looking through the forum trying to find all the information I can on either brand. I found sevearl threads on LiteOn but not much on Optorite. I read at another site that a few members stated that Optorite was a great burner as well. I’m looking at the Optorite DD1205-12X Dual layer, Optorite DD1601-16X Dual layer or the LiteOn SOHW-1213S-12X, LiteOn SOHW-1633s-16X Dual layer.
Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Or if you think there is a better drive out there than any of these let me know. I love reading reviews but prefer personal experiences reviews on things I buy. Thanks for your help.


A dubious advantage of the Optorite, is the support for HD burn … pick the right CD-R media, and you may double the capacity, but it’ll only read on another HD-burn drive (they SAY DVD-ROMs could have a firmware adjustment to read it, but none are known to).


Upon trying to review through the posts and other sites, I also see posts about the LG GSA-4160 Multiformat drive. I see comments about good burns but not too many reviews about the drive itself. Would there be any advantage to going to a multiformat drive?
I usually use my drive for backing up my movies, cd’s, and games(Command & Conquer and The Sims, SimCity4) I have had no luck with my Plextor in backing up my games. Would like to find a drive that would do this and preferrably 16X but 12X would work also.


Both are good. Buy one that has been out for a while so they have updated firmware. The first fimware is usually flaky. I have a Liteon 812S with 0Q firmware that reads and writes a wide aray of DVDs and CDs. The original 0A firmware was terible. I have a Optorite 405 that performs well but not as good as the liteon. It is on its third firmware E160. Both write at 8X. I wouldn’t have bought the Optorite if I had know it was made in China. Well made just the same. The Liteon is from Taiwan.


Personally, if it were me, i would buy the benq 1620 over anything else. What features are you looking for as one drive will suit one person better while the other could suit another person better


Highly reccomend BenQ DW1620 as a very nice DVD+R writer, it will burn to good quality -R media as well (but is very picky with -R, either very good burns with branded media or total unrecordability). The drive supports bit setting of DVD+R’s so that they will work correctly in a very high number of DVD players, more than my un-bitsettable Plextor did.

I just got one and really like it, best results on my DVD’s yet.


go for Benq 1620


Here is my opinion


Stay away from Optorite…


My BenQ 1620 works nicely now that I got my old poor burnt out NEC ND2510A out of the system - the NEC went bad (had about 500 burns on it so not really crying over it…) and thus was causing problems with my BenQ. Now that the BenQ is in as the Master it works pretty good! However, I still have a NEC ND3500AG on the way - I love the NEC drives and already know the firmware to be loaded into it when I get it. :wink: The only problem with the NEC drives is no error testing but otherwise the write quality is superb even on cheap media.