Optorite Firmware - wont find drive?


Im trying to update the firmware to the latest available 2.16 for my Optorite DD0203.

Ive used both the windows application that they provide and have also tried via dos, each time i try via windows, my system locks up, if i leave it for 20 minutes it comes back saying it can find the drive

When i try via dos, it comes back stating the same that it cant find the drive…?

I know the drive is their so does the OS as ive burnt CDs and DVDs, Have followed their instructions to the letter

Have contacted them but thought you guys may have an idea whats going wrong…

well I was wondering doing it in dos … did you have win 98 boot disk and just make it that way or did you use pc dos disk or linux boot disk to do it in dos … ???


yeah i used W98se boot disk, booted using that, got the to the dos prompt, then used the floppy id copied the files to

a:\update xxxx.bin

came back with error stating it couldnt find the drive

i can try it again and give you the full error

odd … my friend has this drive and we updated firmware via windows … and did it fine …i dont know if this applies to your drive in general but i know some nec’s that you had to make them primary master for you to do there firmware …it was in directions but I looked at your firmware and it doesnt say … so that is kinda odd … if me I would try doing that way just have only the opt. drive hooked up and see what xp does …

giovanni42104 your a star… :bow:

The drive was set as master but connected to IDE2, swopped it over and bingo, worked first time, will leave it setup like ready for the next firmware update…

many thanks :smiley:

no prob … hey glad you got it going sorry I just ran into lot of stuff so I usually know where to go first hehehhe

glad it is working for you now …