Optorite dvd rw writes dvds but not cds?

I have a optorite dvd rw dd0401 and it worked brilliantly copying dvds and cds until a couple weeks ago where it stopped copying cds and now only does dvds, i totally reformatted and installed windows xp again but its still like it, really dont understand how it can do one and not the other it doesnt even read cds for example if i put a normall cd in containing data it doesnt even know its there the same happens when i put a blank one in. but the drive reads and copies dvds wierd huh? anyone know what is going on

I have an Optorite DD-0405 that I basically scrapped. Replaced it with an NEC 3500 because the Optorite did the same thing. It worked great with Ripping DVD’s and writing +/- R and RW, but it even quit reading some pre-recorded CD’s. I have a big stack of Verbatim CD-R’s… won’t recognize them. I kept getting “Please insert a Blank CD” at burn time. The NEC recognized them right away. No reading problems with the NEC either.

I now use tthe Optorite for doing backups to DVD+RW’s, that’s about all it is good for to me.