Optorite dvd rw dd0405

My dvd writer burns dvds fine but wont burn cds. It wont recognize any blank disc. I have tried using Nero and windows media player but it tells me to insert a blank disc when there is already one in the drawer.
Can anyone help before i pull the rest of my hair out?

Load Nero InfoTool and look at the supported read and write features. If it’s ticked then it should work and you can look at other stuff being the problem other than hardware (like trying ImgBurn it do a CD, if it can then it’s Nero at fault.).

I loaded Nero info tool and the cd-r and cd-rw boxes were not ticked and could not tick them. Tried ImgBurn and another program but they wont work either. Same problem. Wont recognise the disc.
Thank you for taking the time to help.

an idea for you to try, very unlikely that this will solve anything for you but it’s worth a shot. The lens could probably require cleaning. Use a q-tip and rubbing alcohol (the higher the percentage on the rubbing alcohol the better) and when you wipe the lens be very light with the pressure because even a q-tip can scratch the drive lens. Also the laser’s ribbon cable might need to unplug, power up, power down, replug, power up and could get it to reset the laser back to working again. Please do a search on “Power Calibration Error” in the cdfreaks forums and look for a post by me. I made a detailed recap of my experience doing this to bring 3-5 various optical drives back to life. An Xbox DVD-ROM, 2 Plextor PX-716A, and I think another model drive too.