OPTORITE DVD RW DD00201 DVD Burner doesn't write CDs



I have an OPTORITE DVD RW DD00201. It works fine when it reads a cd or dvd. However when I use it to write data to a cd using nero nothing is written. Nero goes through the burning process but writes no data to the disk. If I insert a DVD disc to write to I get a message saying that the type of disk been used is not correct.

Ive got a bit further than before, as when I used Nero to write to a CD the process would fail and my DVD drive would no longer be visible in device manager.

Im new to using a DVD burner can anybody help me…Wayne


i had the dd0405, and my problem was it would read and write cds, but not dvds. Try the burner in another machine. sasarchiver


DD0201 is probably like 2-3 years old. It may have died. Definetly try it in a differnent PC.