Optorite dd201/ no more orangetop overprints, what now? help uk

ok guys sorry if its in worng forum for a start, but just found out my faithful orangetop overprints (g04’s) have now done.

so can anybody gimmi some ideas as to what works with the optorite dd201 x4 burner.

have been temted with the ridisc x4,x8, but cant buy anything less then 25.

so guys can anybody help with some ideas and especially confirmed workable dvds.
thanks in advance.

wrong forum…mods please move

In the UK there are only two that I would trust. Unbranded Ritek G04 DVD-R discs or Traxdata (Ritek) G04 DVD-R discs. Check out http://www.rambox.co.uk or http://www.blankdiscshop.co.uk Ridisc is distributed by E-net which is well known for distributing B-Grade, C-Grade media and overprints so heavens knows what kind of results you are going to get from them from batch to batch. Unbranded Ritek and Traxdata come straight from Ritek themselves.

soz about the wrong froum guys, only had 5 mins at work to post :stuck_out_tongue:

thankks for info,just a side note… anybody used the ridisc g04’s, iam temted with them.
the orange tops i been using, i bet ive burnt over 2000 without 1 single failier, woul;d like to find some with the exact same burn rate.

anymore guys who have same dvd burner??

bump this…

i did go for the ridisc, absolutly terrible, had a 1 in 6 burn rate so far.

so guys still looking for a regular replace for my optorite, dd201…anybody??

aghhh sorry not ridisc, but rivision was the rubbish discs.

Ritek disc work great in my Optorite cheapo drive think its the same as yours (goes at 4x -+) works with memorex 8x but only at 2.4x as i aint upgraded the firmware yet, only had one dead disc for either and that was probably my fault for doing 10 things at once.
Don’t use Bulkpaq they just don’t work.

mm thx m8

iam amazed ive trawlled the net, and i cant belive i havnt found more folk using this drive, and can give me some help.

as u know m8 can be a right pain in the arse, getitng a comptable disc for the drive.

lol i just want to find 1 new disc just so i can keep the same again.

why oh why did they stop making orangtops, cant belive it.
thx anyway m8.

The reason theres not articles about the Drive is 'cos its shite.

Basically its piss slow, doesn’t burn well and isn’t compatible with much media - only reason i’m still using it 'cos the Benq 1640 is yet to hit the UK market . . . and the only reason i bought it 'cos it was the cheapest at the time and i had no idea about writers . . .

PS everything by Optorite is shite . . .
PSS the memorex’s have started to play up :frowning: would stick with Ritek DVD-R 4x if i was you

Doesn’t matter. Rivision and Ridisc are still crappy overprints that are distributed by E-Net. Didn’t you read my post above?

Why not but a new drive with better media compatability, a lot less hassel

mm yup top idea m8… not to be nasty or anything but, i would have done if i could aford it, being disabled m8 money aint that easy to come by.