Optorite dd1603 and nero don't play

Just got opto dd1063. I use dvd shrink then nero and it says disc complete when done. But these don’t play in anything I own. When I put it back in the burner it comes up as a dvd but it doesn’t play in any standard player. I know its not the discs cause my brother usess them and they play in all our dvd players.

Is this burner no good or am I over looking something?

by the way latest firmware and versions of dvd shrink and nero

Ok follow up. I found that the burns will play when put back into ANY dvd-rw drive. But the burns are not recognized by standard dvd drives. Again its not the disks cause my brother uses them and they play on standard dvd players… Suggestions?


I have this drive too and found that any disk + or - would not work in my 4 year old dvd player (LG) or any player of said age.

But ALL + and - disks work in players much younger, such as next doors (Pioneer).

So at a guess i would say that new players have a better reading head.

Just update the player to something modern or a Home dvd recorder/player, but be aware some don’t read all formats or burn all formats.