Optorite DD1601 Data Problem

I have the Optorite DD1601 model DVD RW drive with the new 16AF firmware, and have been having problems burning images and data dvds (iso format) with nero Ver. It just sits there at 1%, the drive just spins and there is no fluctuating buffer level. I have no problems when burning images with Alcohol 120%, and have downloaded and tried many other dvd data burning software and the same thing ocurred. I have been using Verbatim +R media, and am burning nothing but coasters. Someone please help. :confused:

Nevermind, found what the problem was. Don’t EVER hook up the DVD RW to your extra ide 3 ide or 4 ports. For some reason this creates a problem burning data dvds with nero. LOL, I had to post to myself on this one. :bigsmile: :iagree: