Optorite DD0405 DVD\CD Drive Playing Up


I recently went on holidays for 3 weeks and I came back with a Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-Bit and Logitech X-530 speakers as they were cheaper in Darwin. I disabled my onboard audio in the BIOS and then installed the sound card into a PCI slot. I booted up windows and it recognised the new hardware, I clicked cancel and put the cd in, but my drive did not recognise the disc, it was as if nothing was in there at all, so now I cant install my sound cards drivers or install these 2 games I’ve been wanting to play (Battlefield 2 and Half-Life 2).

Could I download the install disc from somewhere or do I have to go to my mates place and copy the stuff from the install cd to my iPod. I’m willing to do this just to get my sound card and speakers up and running but this still doesnt fix my dvd drive problem!

If the dvd drive was dead would it still open up its tray?

I’ve tried installing the drives firmware again and it still didnt recognise any discs. I’ve tried changeing the jumper leads at the back of the driver and still nothing.

Could someone please help me

Thanks in advance,

Dale Majid

EDiT: the drive was fine before i went on holidays. when i come home i installed the sound card thinking the cd/dvd drive would work (like it should!!) could the sound card have anything to do with this, i think not but someone please help me

thanx in advance again

Dale Majid

EDiT:ohh and i forgot to say, it still recognises dvd discs so i dunno wtf is going on, ive tried a system restore to the day that i left (when it was working fine) and still nothing.


Thanx in advance

Dale Majid

EDiT:ohhh and one more thing i went to my mates and put the sound card install cd on my ipod and installed the drivers so my speakers are cranking right now, but i need my cd/dvd drive to work for other things, games, burning…etc

here are my system specs

Asus P4S800 Motherboard
P4 3.0GHz CPU
Optorite DD0405 DVD RW/CD RW 4X drive
512 DDR 400 RAM
GeForce 256MB 5700LE Graphics Card
Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-Bit Sound Card
Logitech X-530 Speakers

You found something cheaper in Darwin? wow that must be a first :wink:

Try putting the onboard sound back on and see if the cd/dvd reappears ok, this won’t affect the souncard as only one can be the default. Then try switching it off again.

optorite is dud

Agreed, from experience. Did some Benq scans of some of it’s burns…Oh, The Horror!!!
But back on subject, mine died as you are describing. The upside, now you can get a real burner.