Optorite DD0203 set-up (drivers?)

I installed the new Optorite DD0203 over the weekend, and my XP will only see it as a DVD ROM. It came without a installation disc and the new hardware installation wizard installed it without a hitch, but it won’t work as a burner. I’ve been waiting for 3 days for thier tech support to get back to me without hearing a thing. Has anyone else got one of these to work? After updating the firmware from the company’s website with no improvement I think I need the correct driver for this unit. Anyone else had any success (or stumbles) with this unit?

I’m not sure what you mean by correct drivers, Windows XP is supposed to recognize the hardware. In order to make it work as a burner, it may require the latest version of the recording software you are using. Maybe you can find out more about this model by visiting the following link, which seems to be the most comprehensive discussuon on this burner:


Thanks for the reply, that is a very active discussion. Even includes a company tech. But why hasn’t he answered any e-mails to tech? Looks like the group as a whole are having mixed results. I’ve got mine to burn a CDRW(crashed upon finishing, now won’t read it!), a DVD-RW(crashed upon finishing, now won’t read it, but the DVDROM will.), and a DVD-R(Won’t read it, but DVDROM will.), all with thier B’s Recorder GOLD software(the only software I have that will “see” it as a burner.). I’ll keep a eye on thier threads, and try playing with it some more, but I’m not too optomistic! RDwarf

If your computer crashed after each burn, there must be something wrong with either the hardware or software. First, check your IDE cable connection and the setting in the back of the unit, then make sure DMA is enabled under the Device Manager. Another possibility is that for now only Nero version works with this burner due to the HD burn feature, you can download a trial version from nero.com to find out. As far as I know, no one recommends using the included software with this burner.

If everything still fails, then you may have a defective unit. If you really need the tech support, then you should consider a more reputable brand such as Sony or TDK. Good luck.

Nice link man. Don’t know if I was reading the same thread yesterday, but preliminary feedback says it’s not good. But as more feedbacks pile in, people seem to like it. I’m puzzled by the 4MB buffer though. The official site says this model has 8MB buffer. nm again, I found the answer.

RDwarf, which version of Nero are you running?(assuming Nero here).
People are having trouble with versions earlier than
Also, they’re burning DVDs with the software that came with the drive - you might want to try that.

Bhairav, I am trying to burn with Roxio 5, and Pinnacle Instant Copy, but they won’t see it as a burner. The only software that I have that will burn with it is B’s Recorder Gold, that came with it.(I’m not real happy about that.) I am getting discourged with it as I wanted to use the Pinnacle mostly. Has anyone had success with DVDx Copy? When it tries to read the DVD-RW it wrote I am not using a program, just XP and it crashes the computer. There must be some kind of conflict between the 2. I didn’t really want to try changing over to new all new software (Nero), I thought buying a retail (not OEM) version of a burner it would be more compadable.

Originally posted by RDwarf
…I thought buying a retail (not OEM) version of a burner it would be more compadable.

I think you need to make sure the burning software that you want to use has the updated drivers or patches for your Optorite burner. This is why so far only the latest version of Nero and the included software seem to work with the burner. This has nothing to do with buying a retail or OEM version of the hardware, although the included software in the retail box should definitely work. You need to contact the makers of your chosen software and probably download the latest version that does support the burner when it becomes available.

Why do you think that Nero is the most popular burning software? Mainly because it’s constantly being updated. I remember that when Sony and NEC first started selling their dual format burners, there were also some problems until the software and media finally caught up with the hardware. Optorite didn’t do a good job coordinating with others, but these problems will blow over probably in another month. If you can’t wait, then you should seriously consider another brand.

Is it possible and reasonably safe to flash the Optorite DD0203 while it is in a USB 2.0 external enclosure?

No. You should flash it internallly.